Monday, November 24, 2008


I told you I wouldn't be able to stay away. Here I am again in blogland! This time I'm going to stick to books (well, that's the plan anyway).

Once I took down the pink kitchen I got lots of emails that read like this "whatcha reading?" It seems y'all liked reading what I did. And, I'll admit, it is nice to a have a resource to answer the big question of What To Read Next? I know I don't always like to read something that hasn't been recommended by a solid source because I hate wasting time.

So I thought I would do a book review here every week or so. Maybe we can invite some guest reviewers, too? To get the ball rolling I am going to put up some old pink kitchen reviews. I'm also going to do some giveaways of said reviewed books. I love sharing the wealth of a good read. Don't you?

So grab a cuppa and let's discuss good (and not so good) reads.